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1/20/15 - Accepted contribution
One of my short stories will be included in the Maine Review quarterly.
2/18/15 - Will You Read With Me? 5 stars
An interactive children's book in rhyme, that will be loved by all ages. The imagination of a child soars as he travels on a journey of discovery to find the best place to read. You may order a signed copy from this website.
4/20/15 - Review for Butterscotch and Chocolate Fudge 5 stars
Adorable story for all ages Bycardsfan56
4/20/15 - Book Review for Clues: The Mystery at Ridge Manor 5 stars
I just finished reading this great first book by Claudia Ware. What a refreshing book! I loved how the book kept moving at a good pace. The characters are described well and I can picture them in my head as I read. I can't wait for Mrs. Ware's next book! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!
4/20/15 - Book Review for Will You Read With Me? 5 stars
By Pam B on March 11, 2015 Format: Hardcover Will You Read with Me? is a well-crafted and creative rhyming story which takes the reader on a child's quest to find just the right place to read a book. The rhyme is tight and moves the narrative along at just the right pace. The illustrations are co...
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4/20/15 - Book Review for Running Through Sheets - 5 stars
Do you remember running through sheets and letting your imagination take you to a different world? Claudia Ware reminds you of how much fun that was to do and then leads you through her life where bitter memories have been replaced with the joy of running though sheets. Linda Hudson Hoagland, Author of the Lindsay Harris Murder Mystery Series
4/20/15 - Review of Will You Read with me? 5 star
The Author shared this picture book with me and I was pleasantly delighted with the story of a young boy and his grandmother as they scope out just the perfect place to sit and read a story. I loved the concept of a grandson and grandmother making an adventure out of reading a story and just the ide...
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